Our Driving Instructors Mission

Why Choose an L2P Road Ready Instructor?

We are L2P Road Ready, Melbourne’s Western Suburb’s learner driver program designed to offer a complete package to empower young drivers starting their driving lives.

We?re big believers that learning to drive is more than just knowing the road rules and being able to park between the white lines.

It’s more than just the process required in order to “go solo” our goal is to arm all drivers with all the tools they need to be safe and responsible road users, while also enjoying their new found freedom on the roads.

It’s our experience that the more a driver enjoys and feels comfortable about getting behind the wheel, the safer and more aware they will be of their surroundings and driving conditions.

Areas our Driving Instructors Train

Based in Melbourne’s Western Suburbs, L2P was founded from a basis of more than 30 years of experience in the motoring industry.

We service the greater West and Melbourne CBD areas including the following suburbs

Point Cook


Deer Park


Our goal is not just to teach students what they need to know to get their licence, but teach them key skills like car control, driving to all weather and traffic conditions, situational and road awareness and a deeper understanding of the road rules and what they mean than what is printed in the driving handbook.

It?s more than just ticking the boxes, it’s about working with the student to build a greater understanding of the whole driving process from getting in the car to pulling on the handbrake and getting out at the end of the trip.

What our Driving Instructors Offer

L2P’s key goal is to produce the best and safest drivers in Australia by engaging, encouraging and helping students enjoy the learning process.

Our instructors, male or female, your choice are reliable and flexible and can cater to all types of students, young or old. They’re also qualified beyond the mandated standards to offer a more complete package for young drivers.

We offer lessons in Automatic or Manual cars and our fleet of vehicles are brand new and presented to the highest standards.

L2P Road Ready will do exactly as our name suggests, take young drivers from learner to their Ps and give them the skills and knowledge required

Contact an Instructor Today

To begin your safer driving future get in touch with us today. Call 0418 377 372 or simply complete our contact form. Our friendly instructors are keen to assist with any questions and advice you need to get started.